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CNG Cylinder Group For Station

CNG Cylinder Group For Station

CNG cylinder group for station is a kind of gas storage cascade, it stores little gas that can be used for temporary.

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CNG cylinder group for station is a kind of gas storage cascade, it stores little gas that can be used for temporary.

CNG filling station set the need for CNG cylinder group.In the CNG filling station early development, the main equipment configuration only compressor, and no gas cylinders. After years of exploration and practice, people have come to realize that the compress CNG cylinder group for station system is equipped with the appropriate CNG cylinder group (or buffer tank), can significantly improve the stability and reliability of the filling system and other technical performance, greatly improving the system work effectiveness. Equipped with a set of cylinders, the compressor can be shut down when the system is working. When the CNG cylinder group is filled with gas, the first gas cylinder group to the car cylinder, CNG cylinder groups gas is not enough, and then start the compressor. This will reduce the compressor working time, reduce equipment wear and prolong the service life. The volume of the cylinders is appropriately larger and the effect is even more pronounced.


The filling station is very slow to add natural gas to the car. If the compressor to the filling station is equipped with a number of CNG cylinder group, the filling speed can be obtained improve. However, due to the pressure difference by gas, air pressure can not flow after the gas filling, so the CNG cylinder group also can bot use the total gas, the lowest can only use about 9%. This undoubtedly caused a waste of resources. After a long trial, and finally found a better way. The CNG cylinder group according to a certain percentage of divided into several groups, can improve the gas cylinder group gas utilization rate, but also to increase the filling rate is further improved.

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