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CNG Storage Cascade

CNG Storage Cascade

Station bottle group(CNG storage cascade) consists of one or several large-capacity steel seamless gas cylinders, natural gas filling station gas storage equipment, and its role is to increase the gas station operating efficiency and enhance operational order, station bottle group The cylinders are divided into three groups of high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure independent nip, nominal working pressure is 25MPa. The principle of use is as follows: The compressor firstly inflates the high pressure bottle group, then the medium pressure bottle group, and finally the low pressure bottle group. Filling pressure according to customer needs, and when there is a car to add gas, if the filling station gas column is CNG gas car refueling, priority control panel will stop to CNG gas car, give priority to Car refueling, filling machine to the car by gas, follow the first gas from the low-pressure bottle group, then the pressure bottle group, and finally the high-pressure bottle group, when the pressure bottle group can not reach the pressure to fill the car to 20MPa, Start the compressor directly to the car refueling.

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Welcome to buy the high standard and ultra light cng storage cascade with new design from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are one of the world's leading brands. Please be free to contact our factory for more details.
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