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High Pressure Seamless Steel Cylinders

High Pressure Seamless Steel Cylinders

Gas cylinders —Refillable seamless steel tubes for compressed gas transport, of water capacity between 150 land 3000 l — Design, construction and testing

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Gas cylinders —Refillable seamless steel tubes for compressed gas transport, of water capacity between 150 land 3000 l — Design, construction and testing

Members of ISO and IEC maintain registers of currently valid International Standards. 

ISO 148, Steel — Charpy impact test (V-notch). 

ISO 6506, Metallic materials — Hardness test — Brinell test. 

ISO 6892, Metallic materials — Tensile testing at ambient temperature. 

ISO 11114-1, Transportable gas cylinders — Compatibility of cylinder and valve materials with gas contents — Part 1: Metallic materials. 

ISO 11484, Steel tubes for pressure purposes — Qualification and certification of non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel.

For the purposes of this International Standard the following definitions apply.

 yield stress

value corresponding to the 0,2 % proof stress, Rp 0,2


hardening heat treatment in which a tube, which has been heated to a uniform temperature above the upper critical point Ac3 of the steel, is cooled rapidly in a suitable medium


softening heat treatment which follows quenching, in which the tube is heated to a uniform temperature below the lower critical point Ac1 of the steel


a double ended pressure gas cylinder manufactured from seamless tubing


a quantity of up to 200 tubes of the same nominal diameter, thickness and design made from the same steel cast and subjected to the same heat treatment for the same duration of time

test pressure

required pressure (ph) applied during a pressure test

 design stress factor F

ratio of the equivalent wall stress at test pressure (ph) to guaranteed minimum yield stress (Re)

Evaluation of conformity is required to be performed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the country (ies) where the tubes are to be used. In order to ensure that tubes are in compliance with this International Standard they shall be subject to inspection in accordance with clauses 9 and 10 by an authorized inspection body  (hereafter referred to as “the inspector ”) recognized in the countries of use. The inspector shall be competent for inspection of tubes.

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