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Product Details

Gas cylinders Refillable seamless steel tubes for compressed gas transport, of water capacity between 150 land 3000 l Design, construction and testing

 Where reheat-treatment is required, the tubes shall be retempered or requenched and tempered. A maximum of two reaustenitizing treatments is permitted. Whenever tubes are reheat-treated the wall thickness can be affected by scale formation, therefore the minimum design wall thickness shall be checked in the finished tube


Impact testing

Except for the requirements set out below, the test shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 148.

The test shall be carried out on three test pieces taken longitudinally from the sample ring wall. The notch shall be perpendicular to the face of the sample ring wall. The test pieces shall be machined on all six faces. If the wall thickness does not permit a final test piece width of 10 mm, the width shall be as near as practicable to the nominal thickness of the tube wall. If the wall thickness is greater than 10 mm, the test pieces shall be taken as near as practicable to the inner surface of the sample ring and their thickness limited to 10 mm.


Batch tests

The impact test shall be conducted at a temperature of 20 °C and the impact test values shall meet the following requirements:

individual values W 40 J/cm2;

mean value W 50 J/cm2.

If agreed between the manufacturer and purchaser, impact tests at lower temperatures may be carried out according to the condition of use provided that the foregoing test requirements are also satisfied.

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