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Product Details

Gas cylinders Refillable seamless steel tubes for compressed gas transport, of water capacity between 150 land 3000 l Design, construction and testing

1) The dimensions of the raw material

The billet supplier's production qualification and technical ability to conduct a rigorous review, designated billet procurement in the country's largest steel mill, the seamless pipe manufacturer issued a technical agreement, requiring the wall thickness deviation of the pipe does not exceed the nominal wall thickness of 0 + 20% (Standard requirements 0 + 25%); outside diameter tolerance does not exceed the nominal diameter of ± 1%; straightness 1/1000, and not more than 2mm / m; roundness is not greater than 2% of the average diameter.

2) internal quality

    Into the factory after the quality inspection departments in strict accordance with technical agreements, materials, including the contents of the certificate and the appearance of materials for testing, and 100% ultrasonic testing, strict quality control from the source to ensure that the billets of the mechanical properties, chemical composition and the Item geometric size to meet the standard requirements, do not meet the requirements of those who return processing.

3) In order to ensure the quality of the production, the seamless pipe for sand blasting (other enterprises without this process), remove debris, to ensure tightening tightening effective, improve the quality of spinning.

4) In order to ensure the deviation of the length of the cylinder and the verticality of the end of the cylinder, the material is set up to ensure the accuracy of the cutting, the length deviation is controlled within +5mm, the vertical degree of the surface is less than 0.5mm, Number for batch storage management.


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