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Long Cylinder Tube

Long Cylinder Tube

Gas cylinders —Refillable seamless steel tubes for compressed gas transport, of water capacity between 150 land 3000 l — Design, construction and testing cng jumbo cylinder High pressure seamless steel cylinders,Seamless steel cylinders,Seamless steel gas cylinder,long tube cylinder,cng long tube cylinder,cng cylinder,gas cylinder Jumbo gas cylinder,Large capacity seamless steel gas cylinders,a very long conducting tube hollow cylinder,long cylinder tube.

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Gas cylinders —Refillable seamless steel tubes for compressed gas transport, of water capacity between 150 land 3000 l — Design, construction and testing


Members of ISO and IEC maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.

ISO 148, Steel — Charpy impact test (V-notch).

ISO 6506, Metallic materials — Hardness test — Brinell test.

ISO 6892, Metallic materials — Tensile testing at ambient temperature.

ISO 11114-1, Transportable gas cylinders — Compatibility of cylinder and valve materials with gas contents — Part 1: Metallic materials.

ISO 11484, Steel tubes for pressure purposes — Qualification and certification of non-destructive testing (NDT) personnel.



 The tempering temperature shall be defined within ± 30 °C of the temperature for guaranteeing specified mechanical properties but shall not be less than 540 °C.


Failure to meet test requirements

In the event of failure to meet test requirements, retesting or reheat treatment and retesting shall be carried out as follows:

a) If there is evidence of a fault in carrying out a test, or an error of measurement, a further test shall be performed. If the result of this test is satisfactory, the first test shall be ignored.

b) If the test has been carried out in a satisfactory manner, the cause of test failure shall be identified.

1) If the failure is considered to be due to the heat treatment applied, the manufacturer may subject all the tubes of the batch to a further heat treatment.

2) If the failure is not due to the heat treatment applied, all the identified defective tubes shall be rejected or repaired by an approved method. The non-rejected and repaired tubes are then considered as a new batch. In both cases the new batch shall be tested by the inspector. All the relevant batch tests needed to prove the acceptability of the new batch shall be performed again. If one or more tests prove even partially unsatisfactory, all the tubes of the batch shall be rejected.

 Where reheat-treatment is required, the tubes shall be retempered or requenched and tempered. A maximum of two reaustenitizing treatments is permitted. Whenever tubes are reheat-treated the wall thickness can be affected by scale formation, therefore the minimum design wall thickness shall be checked in the finished tube


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