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Storage Cascade(gas Cylinder Group)

Storage Cascade(gas Cylinder Group)

CNG filling stations in the early stages of development, the main equipment configuration only compressor, and no storage cascade(gas cylinder group). After years of exploration and practice, people have come to realize that the compressor system is equipped with the appropriate storage cascade(gas cylinder group) can significantly improve the stability and reliability of the inflatable system and other technical performance, greatly improving the system efficiency The In addition, in order to achieve fast filling, and the compressor capacity is greatly increased is not possible, and therefore need to take pre-stored pressurized gas to compensate for the lack of compressor displacement approach, so that the fast filling system has a larger row than the compressor Much more inflatable capacity. Obviously this requires the installation of pressurized gas storage facilities. 1.1 CNG compressor for the reciprocating compressor, the work of the gas pressure fluctuations, an increase of the storage cascade(gas cylinder group) ,both the impact of the compressor to play the role of the buffer to ensure the stability of the output airflow. 1.2 Increase the capacity of the storage cascade(gas cylinder group), can not change the gas supply capacity of the gas station under the conditions of appropriate to reduce the compressor displacement, reduce the amount of gas stations. Foreign experience shows that the cost is less than 30% lower than the direct inflatable filling stations without storage cascade(gas cylinder group). 1.3 Equipped with a storage cascade(gas cylinder group), can make the compressor in the system work when there is a chance to stop. When the storage cascade(gas cylinder group) is filled with gas, the first storage cascade(gas cylinder group) to the car aerated, gas cylinder gas is not enough, and then start the compressor. This reduces the working time of the compressor, reduces equipment wear and prolongs the service life. The volume of the cylinders is appropriately larger and the effect is even more pronounced. 1.4 and filling fuel compared to the filling station to the car to add compressed natural gas is very slow. If the compressor to the filling station is equipped with a number of gas cylinders, the filling speed can be improved. However, due to the pressure difference by gas, air pressure can not flow after the gas filling, so the gas cylinders of the total gas is also used, the lowest can only use about 9%. This undoubtedly caused a waste of resources. After a long trial, finally found.

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Welcome to buy the high standard and ultra light storage cascade(gas cylinder group) with new design from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are one of the world's leading brands. Please be free to contact our factory for more details.
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