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Cryogenic Pump Mounted-skid

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LNG Pump Skid 05

LNG Pump Skid 05

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Product Details

LNG pump skid

The main work of the LNG solution is to pressurize the liquid in the LNG cryogenic tank after passing through a low temperature submersible pump and then piping it to the LNG solution. It is metered and injected into LNG-fueled vehicles.


Design parameterSingle-pump-mount skidDouble-pump-mount skid


L*W*H mm 

With vaporizer 



Without vaporizer4000x2500x26005000x2500x2600

Safety valve work pressure (MPa)1.15/1.76 MPa1.15/1.76 MPa

Parameters of vaporizer

Offloading/pressure relief saturation vaporizerEAG heater

Working Pressure(MPa)0.81.00

Design Pressure(MPa)2.502.50

Pneumatic test pressure(MPa)2.752.75

Capacity   (Nm³)300150

Working Temperature   (℃)-162℃-162℃

Service mediumLNG-CNGLNG-CNG

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