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Cryogenic Pump Mounted-skid

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Lng Vaporizer Skid

Lng Vaporizer Skid

LNG pump skid The main work of the LNG solution is to pressurize the liquid in the LNG cryogenic tank after passing through a low temperature submersible pump and then piping it to the LNG solution. It is metered and injected into LNG-fueled vehicles. LNG pump skid,Pump skid assembly,Pump skid definition,Pump skid design,Pump skid drawings,Pump skid fabrication,Pump skid installation,Pump skid manufacturer,Pump skid manufacturers UK,LNG Skid,Cryogenic pump,cryogenic filling pump,cryogenic liquid natural gas pump,skikda lng,lng metering skid,lng regasification skid,lng vaporizer skid,skid mounted lng plant,skid mounted lng.

Product Details

System Overview

The skid-mounted gas supply terminal is a natural gas supply system developed for urban residents, small and medium-sized enterprises and large and medium-sized public users' monthly demand. The system integrates the process equipment, components and field instruments of the LNG gasification station into several skid modules.

The system consists of LNG unloading prying, LNG tank pressurized control pry, gasification and pressure measurement, and the control system is composed of liquefied natural gas supply system.

In addition to LNG storage tank all the functional components integrated in the pry seat, the entire system covers an area of small, short manufacturing cycle, on-site installation convenient; the entire system design, manufacture, testing, commissioning and after-sales service by professional manufacturers to complete, Reliable and convenient. In the field to install less work, only the import and export pipeline connection and external electrical connection, easy operation and maintenance, the use of safe and reliable, and can achieve remote control, without on-site duty.


◆ set LNG gas station unloading pressurization, tank pressurization, gasification, pressure regulation, metering, odor, electrical control and other functions in one;

◆ compact structure, small footprint;

◆ support remote monitoring, can be achieved unattended;

◆ atmospheric heating gasification, reduce operating costs;

◆ skid installed one, easy installation, short construction period;

◆ operation, maintenance is simple;

◆ equipment mobility, can be repeated, and more repeated use.

Safety performance

◆ equipped with low temperature liquid pressure valve, gas safety valve, safety relief valve;

◆ equipped with liquid low temperature emergency shut off valve;

◆ equipped with gas-phase over-pressure emergency shut-off valve;

◆ equipped with static grounding, field instrument all wiring are assembled to the explosion-proof junction box;

◆ equipped with natural gas heating water bath to ensure that the normal operation of very low temperature;

◆ all pressure, temperature, level, current, voltage signals are in the monitoring system linkage to ensure the safety of station area;

Device function

The gasification and pressure surge tank is composed of air temperature type gasifier and pressure control part and odor measurement part. The air-temperature gasifier gasifies the liquid LNG into a gaseous state, and the pressure is adjusted to about 0.1-0.4MPa to the urban gas pipeline network or the industrial gas pipe network.

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