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Cryogenic Pump Mounted-skid

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Skid Mounted Lng Plant

Skid Mounted Lng Plant

LNG pump skid The main work of the LNG solution is to pressurize the liquid in the LNG cryogenic tank after passing through a low temperature submersible pump and then piping it to the LNG solution. It is metered and injected into LNG-fueled vehicles. LNG pump skid,Pump skid assembly,Pump skid definition,Pump skid design,Pump skid drawings,Pump skid fabrication,Pump skid installation,Pump skid manufacturer,Pump skid manufacturers UK,LNG Skid,Cryogenic pump,cryogenic filling pump,cryogenic liquid natural gas pump,skikda lng,lng metering skid,lng regasification skid,lng vaporizer skid,skid mounted lng plant,skid mounted lng.

Product Details

Advantages of LNG skids

    1, skid installed in the site selection, site construction conditions, construction period, etc. have advantages. In the city built area, skid loading station can be easy to locate, quick installation.

    ① skid loading station can be set up in the built gas station, the use of oil and gas in the form of construction.

    ② skid loading station can adapt to the vast majority of bus parking, scheduling, highway service area and other places.

    ③ skid loading station is particularly suitable for the initial filling vehicles less, short construction period, the relative shortage of funds and the area can be expanded. At the beginning of the project, due to less filling vehicles, consider the use of skid installed start. Once the aerated vehicle is saturated, simply remove the storage skid and expand into a regular station, while the electrically controlled skid, the hoist can be left to continue to serve the regular station. This can achieve better economic benefits, more conducive to the promotion of the project.

    2, ① As the LNG skid loading station for the production of the factory prefabricated production, production and inspection process can be effectively controlled, so the overall quality of good performance, security is guaranteed.

    ② through the easy leakage points (such as the valve operating area, tank access, etc.), set the low temperature alarm device and combustible gas leakage alarm device, easy to leak points for detection and monitoring. In the event of a leak, the alarm sound and light alarm, so that staff in the first time to find leaks, so as to ensure timely security measures.

    ③ set the emergency cut off device, once the monitoring of abnormal circumstances, the system will automatically cut off automatically to ensure that the accident will not spread and spread.

    ④ For the skid loading station, once the liquid leaks, how to control the spread of the accident, the LNG control in the smallest range, is a big problem. Through the analysis of the characteristics of LNG, the structure of the tank and the analysis of the auxiliary safety facilities, it is determined that the collecting tank is arranged below the tank interface of the storage skid, and the guide groove is arranged around it. The leakage of LNG through the sump and diversion channel leads to the sump set on the outside of the sled and then covered with a high degree of foam to keep the accident in the minimum range. The reason for this is as follows: a. LNG or low temperature gas (-110 ℃ below) density is greater than the ambient air density, leakage to the low-lying deposition. b. The multiple locations of the accident are generally at the interface of the device, which is due to the fact that the interface of the device is more welded and prone to stress concentration. In fact, several accidents in the country have occurred at the interface of the equipment. c. The leaking LNG collected by the sump is easily covered by a high degree of foam. It can be seen that the sumps are equipped with sinkers, diversion gulls and reservoirs that can act as a conventional station for setting up cofferdam.

    3, ① to a separate skim block as the basic unit, each skid in the factory prefabricated into a separate product.

    ② between the skid blocks in the field only through the pipeline to connect, in principle, do not consider the fire construction.

    ③ the base of the skid block with the overall steel base, on-site installation only need to be placed on a pre-built concrete foundation, the use of expansion bolts can be fixed. The hoist should be provided with a hood.

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