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Cryogenic Pump Mounted-skid

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Skid Mounted Lng Plant1

Skid Mounted Lng Plant1

LNG pump skid The main work of the LNG solution is to pressurize the liquid in the LNG cryogenic tank after passing through a low temperature submersible pump and then piping it to the LNG solution. It is metered and injected into LNG-fueled vehicles. LNG pump skid,Pump skid assembly,Pump skid definition,Pump skid design,Pump skid drawings,Pump skid fabrication,Pump skid installation,Pump skid manufacturer,Pump skid manufacturers UK,LNG Skid,Cryogenic pump,cryogenic filling pump,cryogenic liquid natural gas pump,skikda lng,lng metering skid,lng regasification skid,lng vaporizer skid,skid mounted lng plant,skid mounted lng.

Product Details

Skid-mounted LNG Liquefaction Plant                                        

For small LNG liquefaction plants with a capacity of 5,000 to 100,000 Nm³ / d, a skid-mounted solution can be provided to meet the needs of different sizes. The skid group consists of: measuring pressure pry, raw material pressure skid, decarburization sled, purified sled, refrigeration liquefied pry, utility pry, instrumented sled and power sled. Skid-mounted natural gas liquefaction plant with split skid design, mobile and transport more convenient, on-site installation of less work, short construction period. they are designed,manufactured,inspected and accepted according to:

1) The State Council "special equipment safety supervision regulations"

2) The State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, "pressure vessel safety technical supervision procedures"

3) The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine "pressure pipe safety management and supervision requirements"

4) "Liquefied natural gas (GB / T20368-2006)

5) Code for Fire Protection of Oil and Gas Engineering Design (GB50183-2004)

6) Code for Fire Protection of Building Design (GB50016-2006)

7) "Explosion and Fire (GB500587-1993)

8) "Design of general layout of factory enterprises" (GB50187-1993) (GB150-1998)

9) "Pressure vessel safety technical supervision procedures" <1999 version>

10) "Steel pressure vessel" (GB50058-1992)

11) "Shell and tube heat exchanger" (GB151-1999)

12) "Aluminum plate fin heat exchanger technical conditions" (JB / T7261-1994)

13) "Industrial metal pipe design specifications" (GB50235-1997)

14)" Industrial pipeline construction and acceptance of norms "(GB50235-1997) Pipeline welding construction and acceptance of norms "(GB50236-1998)

15) "Valve inspection and management procedures" (SH3518-2000)

16) "Field equipment, industrial (GB50316-2000)

17)"Electrical installation of high-voltage electrical construction and acceptance of norms "(GBJ147-1990)



1.Skid-mounted LNG liquefaction plant with split skid, container design, mobile and transport more convenient, on-site installation of less work, shorten the construction period.

2.Production and assembly of all equipment of skid-mounted LNG liquefaction plant are carried out in the factory, and the quality of equipment production is guaranteed. Standardized, modular product design, stability, adaptability.

3.Skid-mounted LNG liquefaction plant compact structure, small footprint, investment province, according to different conditions for flexible layout, site adaptability.

4.modular design, easy to control, management and maintenance, to facilitate the future of the station to upgrade, expansion needs. The use of advanced technology, good economic efficiency 5.Skid mounted LNG liquefaction plant using advanced MDEA deacidification, molecular sieve dehydration process, the process is mature and easy to maintain.

6.the use of international advanced MRC hybrid refrigeration process, with good economy.

7.Remote visual monitoring, running data real-time reception.

7.3D visual skid-mounted LNG liquefaction plant seamless monitoring, with alarm to remind the function.

8.Remote monitoring, can achieve mobile phones, iPad and other multi-terminal real-time information reception.

9.Skid-mounted LNG liquefaction plant work area all supporting office and living facilities, providing a constant temperature and humidity comfortable working environment.

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