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Cryogenic Pump Mounted-skid

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Skid Mounted Lng Plant2

Skid Mounted Lng Plant2

LNG pump skid The main work of the LNG solution is to pressurize the liquid in the LNG cryogenic tank after passing through a low temperature submersible pump and then piping it to the LNG solution. It is metered and injected into LNG-fueled vehicles. LNG pump skid,Pump skid assembly,Pump skid definition,Pump skid design,Pump skid drawings,Pump skid fabrication,Pump skid installation,Pump skid manufacturer,Pump skid manufacturers UK,LNG Skid,Cryogenic pump,cryogenic filling pump,cryogenic liquid natural gas pump,skikda lng,lng metering skid,lng regasification skid,lng vaporizer skid,skid mounted lng plant,skid mounted lng.

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Introduction of Skid-mounted LNG Liquefaction Plant

The gas feed (into the pretreatment device) flow rate is 10 × 104 Nm3 / d. Flow rate of 4200Nm3 / h, 250 ~ 280bar wellhead natural gas through the throttle step by step, the pressure is about 85bar(mainly considering the equipment and piping pressure level does not exceed 100bar grade) of the feed gas into the pretreatment device, The cryogenic equipment is clogged in the natural gas of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water. The gas passing through the pretreatment device is called a purge gas. Flow rate of about 8400Nm3 / h, the pressure of about 85bar "purification gas" into the raw material gas compressor, the pressure increased to 200bar; 12bar deep cooling equipment (cold box) is not liquefied "cycle gas" into the cycle Gas turbocharger also increased the pressure to 200bar, two gas mixture into the cryogenic equipment (cold box); into the cryogenic equipment (cold box) gas 1/3 was liquefied into LNG into LNG storage tank, 2 / 3 The liquefied gas (recycle gas) is returned to the recycle compressor and recompressed to enter the cryogenic equipment (cold box) together with the purge gas after compression and pressurization to the 200bar pretreatment unit. The program in accordance with the advanced technology, low energy consumption, simple operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance and other principles, the entire process device system is divided into the following parts: measurement unit,compression unit, cryogenic liquefaction unit, storage unit and so on.

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