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Cryogenic Tank

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60m³ Cryogenic Tank

60m³ Cryogenic Tank

The cryogenic liquid storage tank is made of a carbon steel vacuum case and a pressure vessel in which the tank is operated at low to moderate pressure. Safety relief device is used to protect the internal pressure vessel and vacuum shell, its use and type is based on the GB150 or ASME and the "content regulation" standard set, including a built-in pressure vessel used to protect the double pressure relief valve and a vacuum shell to protect the explosion-proof cover (outer container). Tanks are designed to be safe, reliable and durable. Uses: used for storage of cryogenic liquid pressure vessels, such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquefied natural gas, etc., used in filling stations, factories, hospitals and other places.

Product Details
Cryogenic Tank
CFL-54/1.2 LNG Tank
Desing pressure(MPa)1.44Vessel classification
Working pressure(MPa)1.2MediumLNG
Design temperature(℃)-196leak rate of vacuum annular space(Pa.m³/S)≤2×10-6
Working temperature(℃)-162Leak-outgassing rate(Pa.m³/S)≤6×10-5
degree of vacuum in seal-off of annular(Pa)≤5Static vaporation rate %/d≤0.316(LN2)
Volume(m³)60Effective volume(m³)54
leak test methodHelium leak detectiondesign service life15years(vacuum 5yrs)
form of insulationperlitetypeverticle
Parameters of storage tankBasic parameter

linerouter tank
Wall thickness(mm)1412
Internal diameter(mm)24003000
Total weight(Kg)32600
Full loading weight(Kg)55604

upper fluid inlet valveDN501
down fluid inlet valveDN501
bottom outlet valveⅠDN501
bottom outlet valveⅡDN501
Gas phase valveⅠDN401
Gas phase valveⅡDN401
Overflow valveDN151
Liquid phase valve of level gaugeDN101
Gas phase valve of level gaugeDN101
pressure gauge
combined pressure differential level gauge
Appurtenance such as safety valve and self-pressure increasing vaporizer can provided as per customer's requirement,cost will be calculated seperately

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