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Automotive Liquefied Natural Gas Cylinders

Automotive Liquefied Natural Gas Cylinders

Liquefied natural gas vehicle cylinders designed with double (vacuum) structure are used as a low-temperature insulation pressure vessels, the liner used to store cryogenic liquid nature gas , multi-layer insulation material with superior insulation function wrapped around its outer wall and the space between two layers is drawn into a high vacuum to form the better insulation system . The design of shell and support system can bear external force produced by the moving vehicles .

Product Details

Automotive liquefied natural gas cylinders are designed as a low-temperature, thermally insulated pressure vessel designed with a double-layer (vacuum) structure. The liner is used to store liquefied natural gas at low temperature. The outer wall of the liner is covered with multiple layers of thermal insulation material, which has super thermal insulation properties. At the same time, the jacket (space between two containers) is evacuated to a high vacuum to form a good Insulation system. Enclosures and support systems are designed to withstand the forces associated with driving a vehicle

Liner design has two safety valves play a protective role in overpressure. In case of overpressure, the main relief valve is opened first (opening pressure 1.9 MPa, 275 psi). Deputy safety valve (opening pressure of 2.41MPa, 350psi) pressure set point higher than the main safety valve, the main safety valve failure or clogging, the deputy safety valve to start.

The housing is protected under conditions by means of a ring-shaped evacuation plug. If the liner leaks (resulting in high jacket pressure), when the pressure reaches 0.1 ~ 0.2MPa vacuum pump plug will open the relief pressure.

All lines and valves are located on one end of the cylinder and protected by a grommet or boot.

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