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Cryogenic Tank

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LNG Storage Tank

LNG Storage Tank

Medium:Liquid gas(LO2,LN2,LAR) Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank Thermal-insulating Mode: Vacuum Powder Insulation and multi-layer entwining thermal insulation Valid Capacity:2M3--350M3 Working pressure:>=0.2Mpa; Medium:LOX;LIN; LAr; LNG; LCO; LC;H; Type:Vertical; Horizonal;

Product Details

Natural gas is stored as LNG at very low temperature (-260°F / -162°C), where it occupies 1/600th the volume of natural gas in gaseous state. Chart offers a complete range of standard and custom engineered tanks, and complete systems for storage and regasification, manufactured at our facilities in North America, Europe and China, for applications such as vehicle fueling, bunkering, satellite plants for gas distribution in areas not connected to the natural gas grid, peakshaving plants and back-up supply during high demand/emergency periods, virtual pipeline solutions and mobile units.

Available in capacities ranging from 89m3 through to 1225m3, tanks can be oriented horizontally or vertically according to customer requirements and application.

Welcome to buy the high standard and ultra light lng storage tank with new design from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are one of the world's leading brands. Please be free to contact our factory for more details.
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