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Design of liquefied natural gas storage tanks
Apr 19, 2017

The liquefied natural gas storage tank adopts the design of concrete tanks, and adopts the more advanced ethylene airtight circulation system in the world. This system can automate the control of temperature and pressure data in the LNG tanks, and can monitor the pressure and temperature in the tank.
If the liquefied natural gas tank is too high in the tank temperature and pressure, the system can automatically pull the ethylene out and cool it. Thus, zero pollution and zero emission are realized, and the methods of decompression in the form of combustion and atmospheric emission are changed.
Liquefied natural gas storage tanks in the state of work, there is leakage, overpressure, explosion and other potential hazards, if not promptly found to deal with the occurrence of these accidents before the hidden dangers, will develop into serious accidents. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safe operation of the tank by establishing a perfect system of point checking and executing conscientiously. The daily point inspection of LNG storage tanks mainly includes the following:
1, valves, piping leakage, the shell is frost, sweating.
2, all valves are in the normal opening and closing state.
3, low temperature liquid tank meter (level gauge, pressure gauge) work is normal, DCS display parameters and the scene of a table is consistent.
4, the tank pressure is normal, when the pressure is close to or equal to the highest pressure, need to open vent valve pressure relief.
5. Whether the liquid full rate exceeds 95%.
6, low temperature liquid storage tank for atmospheric pressure powder insulation tank, sealing gas is normal. (50mmH2O)
7, the liquid oxygen tank near the placing of flammable, explosive substances and all debris.