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Fault analysis of liquefied natural gas storage tanks
Apr 19, 2017

When launching a running line to release the accelerator pedal or the vehicle when the automatic flameout, the root cause is the engine from the non-idle speed to idle speed, idle speed is not easy to stabilize, so immediately flameout. The specific reason has the throttle pedal failure; The crankshaft position sensor is different from the camshaft sensor signal, the oil pressure fault, the control unit signal error, and the injection is incorrect. Emphasis should be given to examining the numerical variations of non-idling to idle speeds. Second, insufficient engine power or accelerated bad
Engine power shortage is the phenomenon of the engine running without load is basically normal, but with load operation speed slow, uphill weakness, accelerated pedal in the end still feel the power shortage, speed to mention unchanged, not to the highest speed. The phenomenon of engine acceleration is bad, the engine speed cannot be immediately elevated after stepping down the accelerator pedal, has hysteresis phenomenon, or the engine has slight fluctuation during acceleration.
The reasons for insufficient engine power and bad acceleration are excessive or low oil pressure in the fuel system; The injector is bad, the sensor signal is wrong, the fuel injection is too small; the injection is incorrect, the compressed pressure of the cylinder is low;
Third, the engine can not start and cause difficult
The causes of the starting malfunction of the electronically controlled diesel engine are more, which can not be started (no initial combustion) and the motive is difficult. The check and exclude methods are as follows:
1. Check there is no fault code, if so, should be checked by the breakdown code content.
2. Check the startup, the engine can rotate.
① when starting, the starter does not turn, should be based on the starting system fault reasons for inspection. First check the battery storage condition and pole pole connection and contact condition; if normal, check the starting line, fuse and ignition switch. If starting, the starter can rotate and the engine can not rotate, the starter and engine meshing part of the fault.