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Operation and maintenance project of LNG storage tank
Apr 19, 2017

In recent weeks with the expansion of the size of the chip plant and the market to the large demand for stainless steel products, the sales of Lin and LAR has increased dramatically. Low temperature liquid production, storage, transportation is inseparable from the insulation tanks, they are a large number of installation, use in the air separation industry.
Liquefied natural gas storage tanks are classified into vacuum powder adiabatic type and atmospheric pressure powder adiabatic type. The so-called powder adiabatic, is the use of low thermal conductivity of powder, fiber or foam materials to reduce heat incoming, in two forms: one is the application of ordinary powder insulation at atmospheric pressure, the insulation layer thicker, and the drying nitrogen to maintain positive pressure to prevent moisture entry and condensation, the lowest applicable to the temperature of liquid nitrogen above; another vacuum powder adiabatic, that is, filling the powder space vacuum, reduce the gas heat transfer, and powder particles also weaken the radiation heat transfer, so that the adiabatic effect is better.
Vacuum powder tank is a double-layer cylindrical structure. The inner barrel and its piping are manufactured by austenitic stainless steel, the casing is made of carbon steel, the sandwich is filled with expansive perlite (also known as Pearl Sand), and has been set up specially treated adsorbent, and vacuum high vacuum degree (0.5~6Pa), and the capacity is below 200m3. The pressure is higher, the trough outside the carburetor, can not only make the tank boost to facilitate the car, but also directly out of pressure gas. According to the use can be divided into fixed and transport two types, fixed mainly for the storage of cryogenic liquids, it is installed in the production of low-temperature liquid, use point or supply station; transport-Type transports low-temperature liquids from production or depot to use points, often in the form of land, water, etc. They are called tankers, trailers, and trough vessels of atmospheric pressure powder storage tanks are flat-bottom double-layer structure, the inner liner is made of stainless steel, the casing is made of carbon steel, the inner liner of medium, the interlayer of the inner liner and the outer shell form a cooling space, and the inner shell is the flat The jar tops are shaped by the ball. The inner liner and the bottom of the shell are insulated with foam glass brick, the interlayer is adiabatic with pearlescent sand, the casing is equipped with rotating winder, the groove top has the operating platform and the safety guardrail.
Capacity for 200m3 above, the largest domestic 2000m3, compared with foreign countries very far from the gap. On the lower pressure, 34KPa}40Kpa around, filling up to liquid pumps or liquid level poor, also can be used as oxygen peak gas supply, when the oxygen generator temporarily stopped or low oxygen, after the pump pressure through vaporization into the pipe network for customers.