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Production process of LNG storage tanks
Apr 19, 2017

1, suitable for molding large-scale and special large-scale workpiece
Most plastic molding process, in the molding process, plastics and molds are at a fairly high pressure (pressure) under, such as the application of a wide range of injection molding, compression molding, extrusion. Spit plastic, so the application of these molding process to produce large plastic workpiece, not only must be able to withstand the pressure of the mold, making molds become bulky and complex, and plastic molding equipment must also be designed, manufactured very firmly, machine mold machining difficult to increase the corresponding cost. In contrast, anti-corrosion liquefied natural gas tanks due to the roller molding process only requires the strength of the rack to support the material, die and rack of its own weight, as well as to prevent the leakage of the closed-die force, so even if the large scale and special plastic parts, anti-corrosion liquefied natural gas storage tanks and so do not need to use very bulky equipment and molds, machine mold manufacturing is very convenient, the manufacturing cycle is short, low cost. 1, in theory, with the roller molding process of the workpiece, in the size of almost no ceiling. The production of such large plastic containers, such as the use of spit molding, not very expensive and large blow molding equipment is impossible.
2, anti-corrosion liquefied natural gas storage tanks and so on for many varieties of
Production of small quantities of plastic products. As the roller molding mold is not subjected to external forces, the mold is simple, low prices, manufacturing convenience. In addition, the roller molding equipment also has a larger mobility, a roller molding machine, can install a large molds, can also arrange a small number of chess tools; it is not only capable of molding different sizes of workpieces, and can also be molded in size and shape are very different products, as long as the rolling products used the same raw materials, the thickness of the products are comparable, can simultaneously roll molding, so the anti-corrosion liquefied natural gas storage tank roller molding process compared with other molding methods have greater mobility. 3, roller molding very easy to transform the color of products. Roller molding is directly added to the mould every time. This makes the material all enters the product product from the mould to be taken out after the next molding to join the required materials, so when we need to transform the color of products, neither waste a bit of raw materials also need not time-consuming to clean up the machine and mold anti-corrosion liquefied natural gas storage tanks. When we use the same plastic products in the mould roller molding, we can also add different color materials to different molds, while rolling out different colored plastic products.