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Repair technology of vacuum liquefied natural gas storage tank
Apr 19, 2017

Repair technology of vacuum liquefied natural gas storage tank
The front shared the vacuum degree of how to keep the interlayer of cryogenic liquid tank, understand the retention of the interlayer vacuum degree of liquefied natural gas tank, is the guarantee of storage tank insulation performance, and the basic guarantee of the normal operation of LNG storage tanks. Below Beijing Jin Haixin LNG storage tank to introduce the vacuum tank repair technology: 1, first select a reliable high-performance vacuum pump is critical, we choose the 2X--70 type two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps, pumping speed 70 liters/sec, can obtain vacuum degree 10-3 (0.133Pa), the use of good results, in order to shorten the time of pumping, can choose series pumps, that is, a roots back-level pumps.
The accuracy of vacuum measurement is the key to the success of vacuum pumping. Vacuum tanks are randomly mounted on a general vacuum tank, the vacuum gauge can be directly measured at any time, but because the vacuum regulation is extremely susceptible to contamination, the measurement error is very large, and the temperature-dipole vacuum gauge is used to measure many vacuum tanks, and most of the measuring value deviation is very large. There is no reference value, the author recommends a portable rotary meter vacuum meter, it is based on the glass-Malott ideal gas temperature compression law design, so its scale is based on the instrument calculation is that the measured readings have "absolute accuracy.
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