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CNG Daughter Filling Station

CNG Daughter Filling Station

We can produce 1000Nm3 / h-2000Nm3 / h mobile CNG Daughter filling station, welcome to order.CNG Daughter filling station Features:

Product Details

We can produce 1000Nm3 / h-2000Nm3 / h mobile CNG Daughter filling station, welcome to order.

CNG Daughter filling station Features:

(1) the use of energy-saving design technology, lower operating costs.

(2) high rate of gas: sub-station CNG transport vehicles in the natural gas utilization rate ≥ 95%.

(3) to achieve the gas filling process in the sub-station car cylinder natural gas pressure automatic balance, to solve the cylinder pressure when the pressure fluctuations.

(4) intelligent control of filling pressure, to avoid the cylinder when the gas filling process of the pause, to ensure the continuity of the filling process.

(5) intelligent hydraulic filling system than the existing technology of the same displacement hydraulic station displacement increased by 5% or more.

(6) to achieve the operation of the safety monitoring, to prevent misuse and improper handling caused by fuel injection accident.

(7) mobile CNG sub-station operation process to achieve fault diagnosis, to equipment, valve failure and other early warning.

(8) pump inlet to increase the magnetic filter device to extend the pump, valve and other service life.

(9) the use of ergonomic design, improve the ease of operation of equipment and easy maintenance.

(10) mobile CNG sub-station front panel design unique, brief, generous, practical.

(11) the use of user-friendly design, the overall structure more beautiful.

(12) Construction period is short: all equipment for the skid-mounted, construction, installation, commissioning with the shortest time.

(13) Mobile CNG sub-station covers an area of small, suitable for oil and gas construction or small site construction, in line with the latest filling station construction specifications.

Welcome to buy the high standard and ultra light cng daughter filling station with new design from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are one of the world's leading brands. Please be free to contact our factory for more details.
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