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CNG Filling Station

CNG Filling Station

The filling station can be divided into CNG standard station, CNG parent station and CNG sub station.

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CNG gas station is a place to supply fuel to natural gas vehicles and large CNG sub stations in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG). Gas in natural gas pipeline is usually treated by pre purification process to remove sulfur and moisture in gas. Then the pressure is compressed from 0.1-1.0Mpa to 25Mpa by compressor unit, and finally, the gas is added to the vehicle through the selling machine. Compressed natural gas is one of the most ideal alternative energy for vehicle. Its application technology has become more mature after decades of development. It has the characteristics of low cost, high benefit, no pollution, safe and convenient use. The filling station can be divided into CNG standard station, CNG parent station and CNG sub station.

1.The standard station is built on the natural gas pipeline where it can pass through. The gas is directly pumped from the natural gas pipeline, the inlet pressure is 0.4Mpa. After natural gas desulfurization and dehydration, the compressor is compressed, and the pressure is 25Mpa after compression. Then enter the gas machine to air the vehicle. Usually the conventional gas addition is between 600-1000Nm3/h (standard cubic hour).u=2737648276,2793855486&fm=27&gp=0.jpg

2.The mother station directly takes gas from the natural gas pipeline, and the inlet pressure is 1-1.5Mpa. After desulphurization and dehydration, the compressor is compressed, then transported to the sub station by the tank car with 25Mpa, and it is also built into a conventional station. The mother station is mostly built near the city gate station, and the amount of the parent station is between 2500-4000Nm3/.


3. The sub station is built around the filling station without natural gas pipeline. It is generally built in the city to facilitate vehicle fueling, or to build natural gas as an energy source in the industrial area where there is no gas pipeline laying. The mother station uses the compressor to store the natural gas under pressure, then the 25Mpa compressed natural gas is transported to the sub station by the special transport vehicle, and the sub station is then added to the CNG car. For the industrial zone of the sub station, the process of low or medium pressure gas through the compressor, pressurized to 20-25Mpa, compresses it into a special cylinder or tube bundle, put with the traction mechanism to pry the car, transported to the sub station, connected by unloading unloading gas column gas system into CNG pressure regulating equipment, high pressure gas pressure reduction to 0.2-0.4Mpa required by the user through decompression after entering the pipeline to pry, supply users of natural gas.


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