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Movable Refillinig Unit

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CNG Mobile Refuling Station

CNG Mobile Refuling Station

2000m³/H CNG Mobile Filling Station

Product Details

Hydraulic reciprocating MRU is consist of Gas sub-station compressor , storage cylinders of 2004Nm3, discharging pole and gas dispenser each, and integrate completely into a waterproof and anti-noise frame container by valves and pipes. The main motor, drove the hydrulic pump by vector frequency converting control motor, to drive the piston for reciprocating movements and compress natural gas. The average displacement of compressor:≥2000Nm3/h,working pressure, 25Mpa,the average gas supply capacity of double dispensers equal or above 20000Nm3( the mini working hours caculated is 15 per day) . The characteristics of this equipment is a skid for out-door use, double cylinder structure, vertical installation of cylinder block, two stage compression, unique structural design, oil-free lubricating on cylinder piston, and realize the zero comtamination of the natural gas during compressing. 

Compare with the traditional compressors, alse have remarkable effects of low noise, small land area occupying, energy saving and noncontamination of gas etc.  The compressor set is cooling down by air-cooling and water close cycling cooling in a closed skid. The motor starts up the speed adjusting,hydraulic drive under PID control, PLC central control on site, gas dispenser back end of host computer operating cabinet as well as the way of automatic monitor on compressor set and assist the customer for equipment maintenance,overhauling management by vector freqency convertor,  enable the gas station to realize automatic and unattended management model on site, the automatic and integratre degree at a higher level, easy to operate, safe and reliable for sub-station running, convenient to maintenance and save overhead cost. 

For more details you can check the attached product introduction.

Welcome to buy the high standard and ultra light cng mobile refuling station with new design from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are one of the world's leading brands. Please be free to contact our factory for more details.
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