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Movable Refillinig Unit

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Cng Movable Filling Station

Cng Movable Filling Station

Advantages of hydraulic reciprocating compressors of CNG Mobialbe Filling Station

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Advantages of hydraulic reciprocating compressors of CNG Mobialbe Filling Station

1, the inlet pressure range:

  Hydraulic reciprocating compressor input gas pressure can be a large range (0-20MPa), without pressure, reduce equipment input, improve work efficiency.

2, the motor power is small, low power consumption:

Displacement of 1600Nm3 / h and 2500Nm3 / h double cylinder compressor total power of 63kW and 95kW. The twin cylinder compressor is composed of two sets of systems, each system can run independently, spare, save power, reduce downtime, reduce the operating costs of the filling station.

3, safe and reliable

   The cabinet is equipped with combustible gas detection device, oil level, oil temperature, box environment temperature detection device, safety valve and so on. Compressor electrical system used in all explosion-proof design.

4, no need to uninstall, start at any time:

   The traditional mechanical compressor in order to reduce the motor torque, must be pressure to start, resulting in natural gas waste; even after the recovery of repeated pressurization, but also the formation of secondary consumption, increased costs, I produced the hydraulic reciprocating compressor Hydraulic drive, start without balancing the compressor cylinder of high-pressure gas, can start at any time, save energy, improve the efficiency of the compressor.

5, the cylinder piston with oil-free way, the natural gas will not cause secondary pollution:

   Hydraulic reciprocating compressor, the use of special self-lubricating sealing material, compressed cylinder piston to achieve oil-free lubrication, will not be compressed during the second phase of natural gas pollution.

6, automatic control, no manual duty:

  Compressor control system using PLC automatic control, the control panel can display or query the compressor work, and has a fault alarm automatic diagnosis function, the compressor operation to achieve automatic control, without manual duty.

7, the cylinder vertical installation, to extend the seal life:

  To avoid the cylinder piston due to self-weight sagging caused by the phenomenon of partial grinding, extending the seal, the life of the compression cylinder, thereby reducing the number of maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.

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