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Advantages Of Various Types Of LNG Storage Tanks
Apr 19, 2017

Liquefied natural gas storage tank is a kind of clean and high-quality energy, and the production and consumption of the world's largest gas in recent years have been increasing. It is of great strategic significance to accelerate the development and utilization of natural gas, to improve the energy structure, to protect the ecological environment and to improve the quality of life of the people.
The production and application of liquefied natural gas (LNG) internationally has long history. LNG trade is an important aspect of natural gas international trade. LNG production has grown at a rate of 20% in the last 10 years. LNG industry will be an important part of future natural gas industry.
Liquefied natural gas storage tanks are atmospheric and low temperature large storage tanks, divided into ground and underground type two types, usually flat-bottom double-walled cylindrical. The inner wall of the tank and the LNG direct contact, generally adopts nickel 9% alloy steel, also can be all aluminum, stainless steel film or prestressed concrete, exterior wall is carbon steel or prestressed concrete wall roof hanging type adiabatic support platform for aluminium, the pot top is made of carbon steel or concrete. The insulation material is mainly expanded perlite, elastic glass fiber felt and foam glass brick. LNG storage tanks have Dan Rong (single-enclosed) cans, double-capacity (double-enclosed) tanks and Quan Rong (fully enclosed) tanks of 3 type.
The Dan Rong pot has a much higher and lower concrete cofferdam outside the metal jar, which prevents the LNG spillover and diffusion of the storage tank at the lowest cost in the main vessel accident, but the security is slightly worse and occupies a larger place. The auxiliary containers of the double tank can be compared to the wall of the main vessel at the periphery of the Dan Rong tank, and the main container separated from the cylindrical concrete wall, the full tank is in the metal cans outside the top of the entire enclosed concrete cans, even if LNG leakage can only in the concrete can not leak outside, but also prevent bullet breakdown, thermal radiation, etc. These 3 types of storage tanks have advantages and disadvantages, select tanks should be integrated into consideration of technology, economy, safety performance, land area, site conditions, construction cycle and environmental factors.