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China And Russia Yamal Project First LNG Production Line Put Into Operation China Will Receive 4 Million Tons Of Liquefied Gas Each Year
Dec 22, 2017

China-Russia Energy Cooperation Major Project - Yamal LNG Project The first production line of LNG (liquefied natural gas) was officially put into operation. This project is the first overseas large-scale project to be implemented after China put forward the "Belt and Road Initiative," and is also the largest one in the world Arctic LNG project.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony of the first batch of liquefied natural gas shipments to ship and said that the project has promoted the development of the Russian natural gas industry and helped to further strengthen the economic cooperation between Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries, especially with China.

China will receive 4 million tons of liquefied gas each year. The Yamal LNG project was jointly developed by Novartis, Russia's PetroChina Company, Total France and China Silk Road Fund. Recoverable natural gas reserves reached 1.3 trillion cubic meters.

The overseas model project of the "Belt and Road Initiative" is the first overseas large-scale project to be implemented following the "Belt and Road Initiative." The Yamal project office embodies the Chinese element. Made in China has become the new Arctic business card.

The Arctic waterway saves 20 days compared with bypassing the Suez Canal. The construction of the Yamal project not only added natural gas from the North Sea, but also successfully opened up the Arctic Waterway to transport the Arctic Ocean. This provided the "Ice Silk Road" strategy Important pivot point.

Due to the current Arctic Ocean freezing period, the first LNG carrier of the Yamal project is expected to arrive in China via the Arctic north-eastern waterway and the Bering Strait at the turn of the spring and summer of 2018.