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China-Russia Eastern Natural Gas Pipeline Project Accelerated Construction
Dec 22, 2017

China National Petroleum Corporation announced on the 13th that with the simultaneous detonation of 11 spots on the east-central China-Heihe-Changling segment, the natural gas pipeline project on the eastern China-Russia gas pipeline will be accelerated.

Construction of the Sino-Russian Eastern Natural Gas Pipeline Project started in June 2015, and the construction of the northern section (Heihe-Changling), the middle section (Changling-Yongqing) and the southern section (Yongqing-Shanghai) will be carried out in phases. It is estimated that in October 2019 North put into operation, by the end of 2020 throughout the line.

The starting point of the Sino-Russian Eastern Natural Gas Pipeline project is located in the Sino-Russian border in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, passing nine provinces and cities such as Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanghai with the destination of Shanghai, 3371 kilometers, is China's largest caliber, the highest pressure long-distance natural gas pipeline.

It is reported that the project is the first cross-border long-distance natural gas pipeline project in the world with the largest single-pipe output of 1422 mm, X80 high-grade pipe and 12 MPa high pressure. At the same time, the project is also a pilot project for the "smart pipeline" construction of PetroChina. With the help of "smart sites" construction of "mobile + cloud computing + big data" and Internet + generating units, the project integrates data and information and builds a network of supervisors, contractors, To the owners of the shared life cycle information system intelligent integrated application platform to achieve information collaboration and process collaboration.

According to reports, after the completion of the Sino-Russian East Natural Gas Pipeline Project, 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be imported from Russia every year. This will have a positive and far-reaching impact on enhancing the supply of clean energy in our country, optimizing the energy structure, achieving energy saving and emission reduction, and improving the atmospheric environment.