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China's Oil And Gas Pipe Once Broke The First Billion-square Billion
Dec 22, 2017

As at 8:00 on December 11, China's annual oil and gas pipelines pipeline volume reached 100.218 billion square meters, an increase of 117.72 square, the first time exceeded 100 billion square. Among them, about 48% of domestic natural gas is transported, about 40% of natural gas from imported pipelines and about 12% of imported LNG.

At present, PetroChina has established a natural gas trunk network that connects east and west and runs north and south, marked by the east-west gas transmission system, the Shaanxi-Beijing system, the Sino-Myanmar natural gas pipeline system and the northeast pipe network system. As the main body responsible for the operation of CNPC's long-distance pipeline, the total length of natural gas pipelines operated by CNPC Pipeline Co., Ltd. (CNPC) has reached 37,100 km.

With the extension of pipeline mileage and capacity increase of pipelines, it also brings higher requirements for the safe operation and management of pipelines. Actively carry out all kinds of emergency drills, has set up 18 dimensional repair center repair and rescue covering the whole country. At the same time, we will speed up the construction of key projects such as the 4-lane Shaanxi-Beijing line and the domestic segment of China-Russia Eastern Line so as to further enhance the support capacity of the pipe network. We will actively promote the construction of smart pipelines and smart pipelines so as to enhance the safe and efficient operation of the pipeline throughout its life cycle.