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CNG Mobile Filling Statio Successfully Passed The Third Party Inspection And Approval
Oct 08, 2017

Luxi Group affiliated enterprises - New Energy Equipment Group to further develop the international trade market, in the recent success of independent research and development of CNG mobile filling station. This device sets the gas filling, gas storage, gas unloading in one skid, This design need small space, low investment, quick return.The new product development is in a leading position in the domestic industry, and further enhance the enterprise have core competitiveness in the international market.


The CNG mobile filling station system consists of unloading system, hydraulic power system, gas compression system, circulating cooling system, buffer system, host computer industrial control system, remote assistance service system, gas sales system and rain and noise reduction system. The full function of these systems achieve automatic control and management by the host computer industrial control system, remote assistance service system. The system uses the hydraulic power system, the gas compression system and the circulating cooling system three independent circulation system, the gas compression system to achieve oil-free lubrication, and the entrance has a filtration system, effectively guarantee the quality of compressed natural gas media.


The CNG mobile filling station was successfully completed and the official commissioning of the third-party inspection agency TUV company was witnessed on the spot, and the product was issued by TUV Company of Germany Certification, as sold to the international market and obtain third-party inspection agencies recognized the first new product.


New Energy Equipment Group "CNG mobile filling station" successfully passed the third party inspection and approval, in order to further expand the new energy equipment group products in the international sales market, laid a favorable foundation.