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Code For Design And Construction Of Filling Station GB50156-2012
Feb 08, 2018

1 General

1.0.1 Vehicle refueling stations are dangerous facilities, but also mainly built in densely populated areas, it must take appropriate measures to ensure safety. Advanced technology is an effective guarantee for safety. Economic benefits must also be taken into account when it comes to ensuring safety. The requirements set out in this article are the principle requirements for the design. When designing the vehicle refueling and filling stations, the design units and specific designers shall strictly implement the specific provisions of this code and adopt various effective measures to meet the requirements set forth in the provisions Claim.

1.0.2 Taking into consideration the possibility of adding gas stations in the existing gas stations, the scope of this code includes, in addition to the new ones, the expansion and reconstruction works of fueling and gas filling stations and the engineering design of gas stations and gas filling stations .

It should be noted that the same scale of construction, the same layout, the same function, the same address of the facilities, equipment upgrades are not alterations, but the normal overhaul of maintenance work. "Expansion and Reconstruction Project" only refers to the expansion and reconstruction of gas refueling stations, excluding the existing ones.

1.0.3 Refueling station design involves more professionals, the contact surface is also wide, this specification is a comprehensive technical specifications, can only specify the refueling station peculiar issues. For other professional and strong, and has been a special country or industry standards to make the issue, the rules inconvenience to do the rules, so as to avoid conflict and confusion. The provisions of this specification clearly stipulated, according to the implementation of this specification; this specification is not the provisions of the implementation of the relevant provisions of the current national standards.