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DuPont Gas Supply Gas Receiving Expansion Projec
Sep 15, 2017

DuPont (DuPont) said DuPont is a 21st century official.

"All of our towns have DuPont's natural gas pipelines to meet their economic needs and energy needs," said Mayor Lello.

UGI opened its doors in the Lucerne area Thursday and announced that it would use natural gas expansion projects. This gas can not provide natural gas for people in DuPont.

"Four years ago, we launched an innovative new GET gas project that could expand the streets without UGI natural gas, but we would not pay ahead of the client line," said Bob Stojko. "UGI Marketing and Customer Development The president stressed.

The first phase in November will bring natural gas to 123 homes. The second phase will add 200 houses.

"I think it's really a matter of life." You want to be indifferent to the environment, to be environmentally friendly, natural gas, and you can do that. "

The UGC Funding Scheme is part of a five-year, $ 77.5 million pilot scheme for small businesses to help people save money.

DuPont said, "more calories and costs will be huge, especially for the elderly.

"Now we know we can buy natural gas, we can buy a new stove," DuPont's Brenda Novis said. "I think it will be much cheaper than the oil we use."

"Their annual calculations usually depend on the size of your home, and buyers can save $ 1,000 a year from natural gas to natural gas, so you will have to spend yourself and then naturally ignite natural gas with a different choice," Stojko said.