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European Vehicle Transporter Increases IVECO LNG Fleet To 15
Oct 28, 2017

As part of the FCA Group, i-FAST Automotive Logistics is the first company to use Stralis NP in the field of liquefied natural gas transportation. In more than 600,000 km of service, ten Stralis NP fleet of i-FAST car logistics and diesel compared to fuel consumption fell by 15%. As a result of this positive result, i-FAST AL will add 5 liquefied natural gas to its fleet from December 2017.

At the Telecommunication Conference 2017 organized by the European Vehicle Logistics Association, IVECO Stralis NP, which operates LNG, also has a ROLFO EGO E3 motor carrier. Designed for pan-European mission, equipped with finished product transport. The partnership between IVECO and ROLFO will allow all European car fleet test solutions that are interested in sustainable logistics from December 2017 onwards.

i-FAST Automotive Logistics talked about the first year of experience with Stralis NP vehicles. Marco Simone Zanna, general manager of i-FAST Automotive Logistics, commented: "One year we signed an agreement with IVECO, we have covered more than 60 million kilometers of liulilanyi, which is operated by liquefied natural gas, and reduced fuel consumption compared to diesel 15% significant fuel cost savings and considerable advantages. In fact, these vehicles use clean fuels compared with the use of bio-liquefied natural gas (RNG), reduced the limit with the VI VI, the proportion of particulate matter increased by 99 %, NOx reduction of 60%, and CO2 emissions by up to 95%. In addition, Stralis NP significantly reduces noise pollution when entering the city center, and these outstanding results support our commitment to sustainable transport.

These vehicles are used to transport cars and commercial vehicles, ensuring good performance in terms of load factor and flexibility. They provide a distance of up to 1500 km, the average speed with all types of its diesel line counterparts. In addition, ten Stralis NP vehicles are also used for delivery in Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland due to the rapid development of liquefied natural gas refueling networks in Europe.

In view of these excellent results, i-FAST automotive logistics department decided to increase the number of Stralis NP 5 units, so that its green fleet 100% of the natural energy to 15.

ECG meeting discussion

The 2017 ECG Conference "The Digital Revolution in Political Unrest" provides an opportunity to discuss some of the major drivers of changes in the transport sector, from digital to emission reductions. IVECO ClémentChandon, Head of Natural Gas Business Development in Europe, Middle East and Africa, highlighted the key role of natural gas in energy transformation, which is characteristic of the transport sector. "With the accelerated development of decarburization, sustainable development is rapidly becoming an important competitive advantage for transport operations and IVECO, with more than 20 years of experience in natural gas technology development, and is committed to all of the company's natural partners to be more sustainable Logistics in order to help them, we cooperate with ROLFO, launched the first test car in Europe.

"We now have a wide range of experience in the field of liquefied natural gas automotive logistics, and in fact we started the transition in 2015 to see all warehousing, outbound and spare parts logistics within CNH Industrial Group. So far, more than 150 Stralis Liquefied natural gas trucks are using our logistics needs every day, our logistics suppliers have ordered more than 300 liquefied natural gas, our goal is to reach 650 by the end of 2018. Within this range, professional logistics companies by IVECO in CNH Industrial And FCA will be held in Ulm on November 6. The invited fleet will have the opportunity to test our natural energy range and learn more about CNH Industrial and FCA's sustainable logistics commitments, "he added The

IVECO is the only manufacturer of a full range of natural gas vehicles from light commercial vehicles to heavy duty long-distance trucks and buses. The brand sold more than 22,000 units, is the natural gas commercial vehicle market and technology leader.