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First CNG Station In Lisse
Feb 22, 2018

PitPoint BV, Netherlands-based operator of renewable natural gas (RNG) filling stations, has officially opened the first CNG station in Lisse, southwest of Amsterdam. PitPoint is investing together with initiators in the production of green gas and, among other things, new refueling points for green gas / CNG, LNG are being opened.

RNG, or ‘green gas’, is extracted from organic matter, such as organic waste. “GFT [tr. organic] waste is fermented in our new processing installation. In addition, Green gas is released. You can use that to heat and you can drive on it”, said Anton van den Brink of waste collection company Meerlanden MV at the station opening.

By refueling green gas you stimulate the cycle of waste and energy in a very positive way. Ad Wijnhout, representing construction company AW Group, added: “For some years we have been running on biofuel that is extracted from our own waste. This way of mobility really completes the circle for us.”

The new CNG station, located at Total Jongeneel ‘De Blinkerd’ in Lisse , is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Usual bank cards such as Maestro, VISA, Mastercard and Travelcard are accepted. Total of France  acquired PitPoint in mid 2017.