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Future Development Prospects Of Containers
Apr 19, 2017

The so-called international container is actually in line with the ISO technology container. International container transport demand growth but the prevailing currency market forecasts are low.
With the improvement of the overall level of the country, the development of the international container market is also more and more widespread, although the latest situation is not optimistic, but in no way will affect the entire international container export issues. Despite a modest rebound in global trade growth, the growth trend in global demand for container shipments is high.
Early 2013, Europe and the United States and East Asia routes are a wave of shipments of small peaks, but after March, with the domestic factory after the start rate has not yet fully recovered, the volume of routes has been in the tube performance is serious deficiencies, and then lack of sufficient volume of support, is the main freight rate decline.
After the year of work, with the economic recovery of the main routes in Asia and America, the ships of various international container companies began to run a lot. But the operation of each trunk line is replacing the existence of various small routes. The market's tariff was once declining. In contrast to the past year, the performance of other companies is bleak, except for a very good performance of individual companies.
For the new 2014, the major economic systems around the world are recovering gradually, and the future shipping market will not be greatly improved. For international containers, in addition to relying on North American and European routes, other developments are to be considered.
Now we have to start our long-term intentions. Through various ways to achieve the sharing of resources, improve the level of shipping services and quality.