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How To Change A CNG Cylinders
Apr 19, 2017

How to change a CNG cylinders?
When found a flat, do not panic, quickly shut down the cylinder Angle valve. Quickly open the doors and Windows, keep good ventilation, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) send out to outside.
prohibits any switch electric appliances and use the house phone, put out all fire, phone outdoors air supply unit professionals to deal with. the old cans of master switch at the top of the tank) clockwise shut tight.
CNG cylinder the old pot rubber pipe joint unscrew, clockwise. (here is the joint of the clasp, is a left-hand thread, so it is clockwise twist). rubber pipe joint press counterclockwise twist into a new tank, joint twist interface for is not fair, when the thread number is more, here also is not very good for, to focus on the interface, need not ?
Standard of composites with aluminum cylinders lining, its structure without aperture and can prevent infiltration.
CNG cylinderGas can't through the aluminum liner, so with this line of composite gas cylinders stored for a long time can't be pressure.
Outside the aluminum liner using composite material winding layer, after applying the fiber tension make lining aluminum has high compressive stress, the process is greatly raised the cylinder pressure cycle life, eliminate between the lining and composite materials required for any adhesive.

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