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International Standard Container For Tank Containers
Apr 19, 2017

The tank container is a tank container for external frame of international standard container, the size of the whole box and the way of transporting the storage are identical to the International standards container, which is called the tank container. Cheng Li tank containers generally have 20 feet, 30 ft, 40 feet in March specifications; Its composition is divided into frames, tanks, and annex III. Among them, the framework includes: the whole frame, the ladder, the man walks. Tank shape can be divided round cans, Fangyuan cans, elliptical cans of three, in the majority of round cans; tank material has carbon steel cans, carbon steel lining plastic cans, stainless steel cans, aluminum cans, can be selected according to the transport medium suitable for the tank material. Accessories include: bottom valve and emergency shut-off device, unloading butterfly valve or ball valve, inlet valve, safety valve, manhole cover plate, blind plate and jar body marking, etc.
Compared with traditional railway tanker and barrel shipment, tank container transport petrochemical products and liquefied gases have the following advantages:
1, can realize door-to-door transportation, make transportation safer and more reliable;
2, can realize highway, railway, inland, ocean transport, greatly shorten the station wharf loading and unloading time. Box can heap code 6~9 layer, occupy a small space;
3, can be used as a transport tool, in the production, the use of venues can also be stored in containers;
4, because tank containers can be realized box, car separation, with tank containers of enterprises, can not have to have a car or owned car to realize a car multi-purpose;
5, to save the packaging cost of the barrel. The company's series of cans of container-type can absorb the advantages of similar tanks at home and abroad, using advanced technology and strict production process. All types of performance indicators are in line with the relevant national requirements. The container tank has the advantages of reasonable structure, reliable performance, beautiful appearance and easy operation.