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Korea Imported Shale Gas From The United States In July
Jun 27, 2017

South Korea will import US shale gas from next month. The commune will import 2.8 million tons of shale gas each year for a period of 20 years, according to a contract signed with the US-owned Chanel Energy's Sabin Pas natural gas terminal, the South Korean Gas Corporation said Tuesday.

This will not only promote the diversification of energy sources in Korea, but also hope to ease the imbalance in trade between Korea and the United States and enhance bilateral relations. And the Middle East production of liquefied natural gas, the United States can be all resold by the buyer, help to mediate the contradiction between supply and demand, to maintain energy market stability.

It is reported that the president of the commune will accompany the president of the Republic of Korea in the United States to visit the United States, and the United States to discuss the purchase of shale gas, reduce Trump on the Korean deficit on the constant pressure.