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Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Tanks Are Widely Used In
Apr 19, 2017

In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, the application of liquefied natural gas storage tanks has become more and more widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical, aerospace, electronics, automotive, environmental protection, medical, food and beverage and other fields, known as the blood of modern industry. Therefore, its security and economy are also widely valued, in the design and manufacturing process, every a links must be strictly controlled to provide excellent performance products.
Because LNG is ultra cryogenic liquid, liquefied natural gas storage tank will work under ultra-low temperature, so it is necessary to study the system of domestic cryogenic storage tank in the process of comprehensive localization of LNG storage tank construction technology.
At present, our country is intensifying the domestic tank material 9% nickel steel independent production research, has made gratifying achievements. However, for the concrete and steel wire and strand, the domestic research is very little, and abroad in the last century 70, 80 on the LNG storage tanks, the mechanical properties of reinforced concrete under ultra-low temperature was studied systematically. The study shows that the elastic modulus of concrete material increases, tensile strength, flexural intensity and compressive strength are improved in low temperature condition, but the performance of concrete has decreased tendency after freezing-thawing cycle. And the higher the moisture content, the more obvious the decline; when the temperature decreases, the ultimate stress decreases, yield strength and tensile strength increase, and the elastic modulus of steel is not influenced by the temperature decreasing; the bond strength of steel bars and concrete are basically linear with the strength of concrete, so at low temperature, The bonding strength of the two can be approximated by the strength conversion of concrete.
However, although the foreign experimental studies have a reference to us, but foreign studies on the test methods and test materials are different from the domestic, cannot be directly used for me. Therefore, the performance of reinforced concrete under ultra-low temperature environment needs further study.