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LNG Regasification Skid
Oct 09, 2017

Pressure gauge, a control valve, a control valve, a measuring tube, a flow meter, a regulating valve, a regulating pipe, a filter, an outlet pipe, an intake manifold , An inlet port, an air outlet pipe, a sewage pipe and a safety bleed valve, characterized in that the intake manifold, the outlet manifold and the regulating manifold are arranged in parallel on the rectangular pry block and parallel to the rectangular pry block, 

In the middle of the inlet and outlet piping, the inlet manifold is provided with two parallel metering tubes at the horizontal between the inlet and the inlet pipe, and the control tube is provided on each measuring tube Valves, filters, pressure gauges, flow meters and control valves;

Two parallel regulating tubes are arranged horizontally between the outlet manifold and the middle of the regulating piping, and a control valve, a pressure gauge, Regulating valve and control valve; in the middle of the outlet pipe with a 90 ° elbow outlet pipe, in the inlet side of the inlet with an inlet; inlet and outlet on the installation of safe installation Valve.