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Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Held A 2018 Annual Mobilization Meeting
Jan 30, 2018

     Luxi New Energy Equipment Group held a 2018 annual mobilization meeting on January 12ed, Luxi Group deputy party secretary and deputy general manager Cai Yingqiang, the new energy leadership, grassroots cadres, employee representatives to attend the meeting. The conference honored the 2017 advanced units and individuals.

    Liu Kai, general manager of New Energy made a work report titled "Emancipating the Mind, Deepening Transformation, Paying Attention to the Construction of Cadre Style and Building a Clean Government, Accumulating Internal Forces, Judging the Market, Improving Work Standards and Operational Quality", summarized the work of 2017 and Deploy 2018 key work. Subsequently, the Deputy General Manager of Luxi Group Cai Yingqiang and general manager of New Energy signed a "three books."


    Finally, General Manager Cai briefly summarized the work done by the division over the past year and proposed the following five requirements:

    1, we must conscientiously study and implement the group 1 document;

    2, we must strictly grasp the basic management and team building, without hesitation, never relax;

    3, we must earnestly implement the safety and environmental management requirements, especially in environmental protection, we must change their awareness and enhance their ability;

    4, we must pay close attention to the quality of work and product quality, determination and intensity can not relax;

    5, must start from the top, conscientiously study the market, find the market as soon as possible a breakthrough.