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Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Organized The First Quarter Work Conference
Apr 23, 2018

Luxi New Energy Equipment Group organized the first quarter work conference, and more than 60 management personnel and some employees representatives from the company's work section level and above attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, Liu Kai, general manager of the company, made a comprehensive and meticulous summary of the work in the first quarter and deployed the key work in the second quarter. In combination with the actual requirements of the tenth meeting of the chairman of the board of directors, and Cai sent a request for new energy. .

    Liu Quan stressed:

    1. Continue to focus on the key links and safety management of construction operations.

    2. Other business divisions have made major breakthroughs in online platform procurement. We must learn from their advanced work practices and continue to deepen the scope and effectiveness of online shopping.

    3. Material inventory, analysis, root-taking, disposal and supervision will be one of the key tasks of the company in 2018. All management requirements are effective for a long period of time. Throughout the whole year, the overall operating level will be improved through the implementation of this work.

    4. Focus on employee training work. Link pay distribution to employee skills. This quarter will require more capital increase for skilled and willing employees. Allow employees to earn more than cadres, and be willing to learn and improve skills in the second quarter. The staff increase capital.

    5. We must pay close attention to building a clean and honest government and carry out various forms of clean government training and education activities.