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Luxi New Energy Equipment Group To Develop T75 Tank To Expand The International Market
Oct 27, 2017

Luxi new energy equipment group according to market research feedback, the international market demand for T75 tank larger. To meet the international market demand, the Group actively seek to develop T75 tank products as a breakthrough, research and development of new products, expand the international sales market.

At present, Luxi New Energy Equipment Group produced T75 tank has two specifications: 20 feet, 40 feet. The product is installed by the low temperature frozen liquid storage tank, gasifier, piping, valves and other equipment to the standard size of the metal frame, strict implementation of the European standard ADR, EN13530, CSC, IMDG and other international standards, mainly for filling Liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquid oxygen (LO2), liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid argon (LAr) and other low temperature liquid, can be used for highway, railway and water transport. Tank relative to the tanker and tank, there is no comparable economy, efficient and convenient, safe, beautiful, environmental protection and other advantages. The use of tank, there will be no cumbersome and time-consuming tankers and tanks and other inversion process, in the road, rail, waterway directly between the transport mode of operation, simple and quick operation, one step, can be described as " Door "transport.

Recently, Luxi new energy equipment group produced T75 tank successfully completed delivery. The development of the product not only expand the international market, but also improve the new energy market competitiveness and international visibility.