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Luxi New Energy Equipment Group To Enhance Design Capabilities Through Product Returns
Jan 30, 2018

Recently, in order to further verify the practical effect of the gas station projects undertaken by the Company and truly understand the customers' demand for equipment and functions, the Luxi New Energy Equipment Group organizes design personnel to conduct on-site visits to old customers of LNG gasification stations.

     The return visit mainly Pingping Zhonglian Industrial Gasification Station, Liaocheng Runda Plastic Co., Ltd. on-site use of equipment, pipelines to view, on the operation of the Notes and maintenance points for the latter to re-popularize the customer, and on The overall needs of the scene to improve customer demand for advice. The customer introduced in detail to the designer the project from the start-up to the present operation, and inquired about the questions in the pressurization process.

     Through field follow-up and follow-up of the two gasification station projects, it not only achieved the customer's recognition of the detailed service provided by the division's products, but also effectively enhanced the designers' ability to optimize the design of the products and accumulated the follow-up design tasks for the gasification station experience.