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Putin Is In The Arms Of China And Will Launch The 225 Billion Natural Gas Market!
Aug 11, 2018

Russia will fully implement the economic counterattack plan against the United States on August 5, and Russia will increase the import tax rate for certain freight vehicles, road construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, metal processing and rock drilling tools and fiber. The D state is 25%. Up to 40%, including taxable goods for construction, oil and gas and mining equipment. On the other hand, cooperation between Russia and China is also deepening.

According to the Harbin Daily, the Sino-Russian East Line natural gas pipeline is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. The pipeline enters the Heihe River in Heilongjiang Province and has a designed annual gas transmission capacity of 38 billion cubic meters. Sino-Russian cooperation in natural gas energy will bring huge market opportunities to Russia.

Data show that global natural gas consumption has increased by 3%, 2017, or 96 billion cubic meters, the fastest growth rate since 2010, while natural gas consumption growth mainly comes from China (31 billion cubic meters, accounting for 15.1%). According to the natural gas pipeline transportation capacity of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the compound growth rate is 7.4% in 2015-2020, which is lower than the growth rate of 13.27% of natural gas consumption, which requires LNG (liquefied natural gas) transportation. To make up. Last year, about 380,000 tons of liquefied natural gas, natural gas was imported nationwide. It is estimated that nearly 50 million tons will be imported this year. According to the current price of 4,500 yuan / ton, light imported LNG has a market size of nearly 225 billion.

The "unilateralism" of the United States is unpopular, and the fall of Russia is an inevitable trend.

Prior to the implementation of the Aluminium Tar Tariff Policy in the United States, Russian industrial exports were very restrictive, and the US-induced losses on Russian export trade restrictions were estimated at $537.6 million. This time, Russia chose to cooperate with China, which will have a new normal positive impact on international trade, and the United States itself may eventually become a victim of "unilateralism."

Trump’s high-profile trade “barriers” may reflect “the loss of the American spirit”. US agricultural exports have been hit hard. Soy and pork pile up like mountains. After losing the Chinese market, they have repeatedly attacked the Mexican and Thai walls. After Trump's "Tears" Iran nuclear deal, this is a stalemate in Iran, a major oil country in the Middle East. Iran plans to block the Strait of Hormuz, the US oil crisis, international oil price turmoil, and ultimately high oil prices will in turn increase the cost of living in the "car big country" in the United States, it will be damaged by the average American consumer.