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Russia’s Yamal LNG Ships 17 Cargoes In Q1
Apr 09, 2018

Liquefied natural gas (LNG), Russia's two - class facilities, are shipped from January to March with a total of 1 million 260 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas and 108316 tons of condensate or six of the total, which is expressed by the Amazon - nienet customs data.

The goods were sent to Britain, France, Holland, Spain and Belgium, the report said.

The company started from the huge LNG Yamal liquefied natural gas plant in December 2017. Three train design and production of about 16 million 500 thousand tons of Yamal LNG factory.

At present, only the first liquefied gas train is put into operation. The second batch is expected to be put into operation this year, and the third one will be put into operation at 2019.

The arc7 ice grade tanker transport volume from the Amazon LNG regularly transfers goods at the European terminal in winter and is delivered to Asia or other high income markets in traditional ships.

In the summer of the Arctic, Amar LNG will provide cooling fuel for the Asia Pacific market through the northern route.