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South Africa Natural Gas
Jun 29, 2017

In 2013, South Africa produced 41 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of dry natural gas and consumed 173 Bcf; the difference of 132 Bcf was imported from Mozambique via pipeline (Figure 5). South Africa has very limited proved natural gas reserves, but potentially large shale gas resources. Most of South Africa's natural gas is produced from the maturing offshore F-A field and South Coast Complex fields and sent to the GTL facility in Mossel Bay via an offshore pipeline.

PetroSA is developing the F-O field, also known as Project Ikhwezi, to sustain gas supplies to the GTL facility in the future. The company expects gas production to last for six years at the F-O field, but it plans to tap into nearby prospective areas to continue gas flows to the GTL plant. PetroSA is also planning to develop the Ibhubesi gas field and expects first production in 2016. The government hopes that new gas production from the F-O and Ibhubesi fields and regional imports from Mozambique, coupled with potential gas imports from Namibia in the future, will reduce the country's reliance on coal in the electricity and industrial sector. Currently, infrastructure constraints limit the role of natural gas in the country's electricity sector. PetroSA is considering building a floating regasification facility to supply the GTL plant in the future.