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Tank Container Transportation
Apr 19, 2017

Tank containers are also known as liquid tanks. It is a special container manufactured for the transportation of liquid goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, etc. The structure is fixed to a liquid tank within a metal frame. It consists of two parts of the tank body and the casing frame, when the cargo is entered by the loading hole at the top of the tank, unloading by the discharging hole or sucking out from the top loading hole. The frame adopts rectangular structure steel, the quality of light intensity is large, suitable for sea, road, railway pitch transit transport.
Product Advantages: Tank Container transport Mode
1: economic benefits;
For example: A 20-foot set can be packed with more than 45% liquid cargo with a 20-foot standard dry container of a yard full barrel. That is, "the same freight more than shipment" thereby reducing the unit freight transport and shipping costs. In addition, the use of tanks can save the purchase of round barrels with discarded processing costs. This is the transport process of two direct cost savings.
2: Fast;
The use of tanks will not be costly and time-consuming to wash, small barrel loading and unloading process. Can be in the highway, railway, water transport directly between the transfer mode, simple and quick operation, one-step. Can really do "door to door" transport.
III. increased security;
Tank transportation is internationally recognized as the safest chemical and food transportation mode. In the distribution of chemical and food products to the various parts of the transport process, compared with other ways, this is a kind of no run, risk, leakage and avoid the cargo itself contaminated transport tools. Fourth: more conducive to environmental protection; Based on the advantages of the "economy", "fast", "safety" and "environmental protection" of the container transport itself, the trades involved in this mode of transportation are now all over the field of chemical, foodstuff and pharmaceutical fluid transportation.