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The Container Of Quietly Popular
Apr 19, 2017

In recent days the tank container on the network quietly became popular, living in the container of the crowd are netizens called "cabinet clan." "Cabinet clan" This topic once boarded Sina Weibo hot Topic list of the first three, by the vast number of netizens concerned.
In 2012, the container out of rent in Chengdu is already very famous. The majority of the "cabinet" tenants are workers at the site, and some are migrant employees, and a few are white-collar or college students. Such "house" monthly rent 180 yuan, although summer is not cool winter warm, the bath run ten meters, the door can kick open, but bed, wardrobe, desk, air-conditioning and taste, is also a lot of hard dozen "drift" a family of the beginning of a dream. Some people insist on the dream of down, and some people live more than 10 days to hit the retreat.
A container-style activity room, 6 yuan a day rent, Chengdu over 8000 "cabinet clan" scattered among them. As a special person in "cabinet clan", the 25-year-old young Pan Wei, who used to rent a tank container, in the final calculation.
Tank containers are not solitary. In Chengdu, some people crowded, a similar container housing space Cabin hotel is also quietly popular. In Chengdu North Railway station, Hejiang Pavilion, Tianfu Plaza, such as crowded people, a similar container housing space Cabin Hostel, the regiment purchase of a night of 48 yuan, with WiFi with air-conditioning can bathe, in many young people's drive also began to hot.
Tank containers have a certain practicality, if as a temporary residence, will have a certain degree of acceptance. No settlement of the approved land use rights, as well as housing property two hard problems, tank containers can only walk in the gray edge, is still small products. A Cabinet resident is limited, compared to high-rise buildings and elevator apartments, the volume rate is not comparable. At present, the topic of tank containers, and the possibility of the diversification of housing channels, greater than its architectural function.