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What Should I Do After A Tank Container To Port?
Apr 19, 2017

Tank containers are large loading containers for what to do? Generally in ports, the use of tank containers transshipment cargo. Can be loaded directly in the warehouse of the consignor, shipped to the consignee's warehouse unloading, midway replacement of the car, the ship, no need to remove the goods from the box to dress up. So tank containers are a great invention. So what do we need to do in the general tank container to port?
1. After shipment booking, the shipping company will put s/o; give the forwarder, then the freight forwarder can arrange the trailer to extract the empty cabinet. The filing cabinet has a open time, generally get S/O, trailer need to advance; 1 days arrange, so open the time is basically trailer to mention the cabinet time, open.
2. Cutting time, also known as the cut-off time, English for the SI cut off time, is the consignor to ship to the company to produce the bill of lading required information at the latest. Is the ship company finally change the bill of lading format, before the bill of lading format and information can be modified several times, after this, the bill of lading will be modified to produce a single fee, this time no standard, the various shipping companies are different, some sailing day, some sailing within one weeks. If this time cannot be submitted to the shipping company in time to fill the bill of lading can apply to the ship company Si Late Come, that is to apply for extension of the time, the general shipping company will extend several hours to the consignor. S/I closing, is the special requirements of the United States line, unlike other routes. Freight forwarders must be 48 hours before sailing to the carrier of the cargo. The carrier must send the cargo information to the United States Customs through the AMS system 24 hours prior to the departure, and the real shipper and consignee must be provided to the United States Customs. AMS (America Manifest system---United States warehouse receipt system, also known as anti-terrorism cabin single fee, information fee). Imports of the United States (all over the world) need to provide this data, is to the United States Customs, including specific parts of the body, real and receiving goods, Chinese and English name. General requirements are completed the day before the cut-off.