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350 Square Regulator System Configuration

350 Square Regulator System Configuration

350 Nm3/h regulator device configuration

Product Details

350 Nm3/h regulator device configuration

No. Name Model Quantity Remarks

1 Camry Regulator DN25 2 United States

2 An-jun flow meter DN100 1 310 Nm³ / h, pressure 25KPa turbine flow meter

3 box 304 stainless steel 1 Thai-wing

4 The control system 1 contains a pneumatic cut-off (MHA), a pressure transmitter

5 instrument air system 1 air compressor, desiccant

6 Auxiliary barrel 1 Thai Wing

7 leak alarm 1 domestic quality

8 2 transfer 3 transfer 4 Yong Liang

9 high-pressure filter 1 is positive

10 high-pressure hose 1 in the high-end

11 high-pressure ball valves and pipe fittings, artificial 1 high-pressure ball valve for the German MHA

12 overpressure 2 domestic quality

13 dredge column 3 domestic quality, the price 180,000 yuan

14 flame arrester 2 PN16 DN32

High pressure unloading hose 3 single 6 meters, 1 inch quick loading female

15 An-jun flowmeter DN80 1 200 Nm³ / h pressure 15KPa turbine flow meter

16 Anjun flowmeter DN65 1 110 Nm³ / h pressure 10KPa turbine flow meter

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